1. What is your return policy?

Answer: If you don’t like your product for any reason just email us to initiate a return. Returns must be made within 30 calendar days from the date that you received your item.


2. Do you offer free shipping?

Answer: Shipping is free when you spend $25.00 or more per order. A “free shipping” option will automatically appear once you meet the minimum requirement.


3. What is TPU Rubber?

Answer: TPU is an acronym for thermoplastic polyurethane. This is a hybrid plastic/rubber material which is elastic, transparent or colored, and oil resistant. It feels much like rubber or silicone. Our TPU rubber cases are firm but yet flexible and hold their shape.

TPU (rubber) are our most popular cases because they combine grippy rubber sides that don't slip out of your hands with smooth backs that slip easily into your purse or pocket.


4. Why are your colors so much brighter and more vivid than your competitors' colors?

Answer: We use the highest quality inks and materials available on the market. We do not cut corners on quality.


5. What are the photo requirements to create a High Definition (HD) print on a custom phone case?

Answer: In order for us to produce a print that is clear and sharp, you must use a photo that has enough pixels. We typically suggest an image 600 x 600 pixels or higher for most items. The larger the print, the more pixels are required. When it comes to photo quality, there are three important topics:

• Pixel Count (at least 600 x 600 pixels or higher)

• Camera Focus (make sure it is not blurry)

• Proper Lighting (make sure it is not too dark or too bright)

To produce an HD print, make sure that you provide us with the highest photo quality. The file you send for printing to your phone case or tablet case must be a JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TIFF, or PDF.


6. Will my image scratch off the phone case?

Answer: While everyday use will create surface scratches in any phone case, such use will not affect the image on our custom-printed phone cases and tablet cases! You may have noticed that some of our competitors have received low reviews online because the images on their custom case scratched off during the first few days or weeks. That’s why Creative Print House uses high-quality ink and materials, to give you a long-lasting case with a beautiful image you’ll enjoy showing off. While it is possible to scratch the image on our cases, it’s not easy—it takes deliberate force. Normal wear-and-tear won’t affect the image.


7. What is the SmartCover?

Answer: Smartcovers are available for the iPad and iPad Mini models. The SmartCover features a magnetic front cover that protects your iPad screen when not in use. These magnets will automatically turn off your iPad when you close the covere and turn it on when the cover is opened. You can also fold the cover to create a stand for your iPad.


8. Is my custom image just a sticker on the back of the case?

Answer: No. The image is heat-infused into a sturdy aluminum plate, which is permanently set into the case. This process is what makes the images printed into our cases last longer than competitors’ custom-printed cases. The combination of using an aluminum plate for the image and a plastic or rubber protective case to hold the phone gives you a better quality phone case than other types of cases do.


9. Why don’t you sell wraparound-image cases?

Answer: While we love the look of wraparound cases, they have some drawbacks. Images do not always print accurately around the corners, and the heat-imprinting process can warp the plastic case. We are currently experimenting with alternate production processes that might solve these problems while still giving you the scratch-resistant qualities of our current cases, but have not yet found a satisfying answer.

Our top-selling TPU (rubber) cases offer grippy rubber sides that don't slip out of your hands with a smooth back that slips easily into your purse or pocket.


10. Are your FREE cases really free?

Answer: The cases are completely free. You only pay shipping costs. However, if your cart exceeds $25.00, then you also qualify for free standard shipping on the order, including the free case. If you want to get your free product faster, expedited delivery is also available for an additional charge.

NOTE: There is a limit of 1 FREE product per order. All custom cases contain small promotional text on the bottom. Please note that Creative Print House, Inc. reserves the right to rescind, revoke or terminate this offer at any time, with or without cause.